Laura Shapiro (laurashapiro) wrote in non_txt,
Laura Shapiro

Favorite Slash Vids

At con.txt tomorrow night, for their first-ever vid show, the concom have handpicked their favorite slash vids of all time. I imagine attendees are in for a treat.

That got me thinking about which vids I'd pick for a show like that, if I were on the concom. I realized that, although the history of vidding is grounded in slash (thank you, Kandy Fong!), I've seen relatively few of the classics, and my real familiarity with vids starts at about the year 2000. If I were programming the show, I'd want to grab some great slash vids from the pre-digital era, but not many of the really early ones are leaping to mind.

I'd also try and program diversity of fandoms, vidders, and musical styles, but at the end of the day, I'm afraid my taste is showing. (: These are the vids I'd absolutely insist on including:

Dante's Prayer by killabeez, Star Trek:TOS/movies. It was really hard to pick just one of Killa's vids, but I think Dante's Prayer is an excellent example of the classic slash vid aesthetic that works well for modern audiences. Almost every fan knows Star Trek, and you can't help but get caught up in the romance. This vid is just heartbreaking, in the best possible way.

So Pure, by Media Cannibals, Homicide This is the first slash vid I ever saw that knocked it out of the park for me. As with several of my choices, this is not a show I'm familiar with, yet I'm entranced with the characters as they're introduced, and by their obvious chemistry. Extraordinary movement and energy, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Full of Grace by morgandawn and thevetia, Due South Makes. Me. Cry. Every. Damned. Time. The things I love about this vid are too numerous to list here, but above all I admire its lightness, its subtlety and delicacy even as it delivers an emotional wallop. When you realize there's nothing particularly sad about most of the individual clips in this vid, you realize that it's their juxtaposition to one another, to the music, and to the context in the viewer's mind that makes the vid so wrenching: the power of vidding in a nutshell.

When I'm Up I Can't Get Down by JKL Vidders, Once a Thief This is one of my all-time favorite vids, and the inspiration for "Wonder of Birds". I'm amazed at the continuous control of movement every time I watch it. The perfect blend of action and character moments, this vid's joie de vivre always gives me a lift. Plus, the boys are so damned pretty.

Kryptonite by flummery, Invisible Man Possibly the ultimate slash pimp vid, Kryptonite has everything: a hooky, rocking song with intelligible lyrics, a cohesive narrative structure that pulls unfamiliar viewers in, excellent use of special effects, shit blowing up, and two men who would obviously do anything for each other. Add an excellent use of musical structure for maximum impact, a dollop of creepy sexy evil, and a whole lot of heart, and you might have the perfect vid.

Whatever by sockkpuppett and sisabet, Angel Again, it was really hard to pick just one Lum vid, and just one Sisabet vid, but in looking at my lineup here I decided the show could use some laughs, and Whatever certainly delivers. Repeatedly. For pretty much anyone. I also like the way this vid pushes some vidding boundaries, introducing external source, meta, and gentle mockery of the main character into the mix. It's got a definite postmodern sensibility, and it's a surefire crowd-pleaser.

So, that's six from me. What all-time favorite slash vids would you pick for the non_txt vid show?
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